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  • Women, Worship & Wanders - Prophet Amanda Ferguson

    As the Scriptures say, "Keep your heart above all things, for out of it flows life". Many times the devil does not want us to face the problems that dwell in our heart in order to keep us away from the presence of God. By doing this, he prevents us from being completely restored. In this preachin...

  • The Presence of God

    We have to make a decision are we a bride or a prostitute? The prostitute doesn’t have to know their client because she’s not sleeping with him because she loves him, she sleeps with him for the money. In the church right now, that is why people do a 10 min praise and worship because there’s no l...

  • 1. Worship of the End Times

    Apostle Guillermo Maldonado met with his personal discipleship and some guests to be imparted and learn about end time worship. He responds with questions such as: What is the origin of worship? What is a psalmist? What is the prophet's ministry within worship? (Note: Dubbed Program)

  • The Glory of God

    Worship provokes God to reveal Himself. We have experienced the presence of God but there is a much greater realm of His presence that we have yet to see. The realm of His glory is the highest realm of God’s presence where we become spectators and watch God move on our behalf.

  • Being Replenished in Worship