The Supernatural Now Season 10

The Supernatural Now Season 10

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The Supernatural Now Season 10
  • Supernatural Ministry School Special

    This Supernatural Ministry School special features Prophet Bobby Conner, Prophet Cindy Jacobs, and Prophet Shawn Bolz.

  • Breakthrough Fast

    The main purpose of fasting is to strengthen our relationship with God. When you fast, it sharpens your spiritual ear. In the bible we see how Daniel fasted and received dreams and visions from the Lord.

  • End Time Accusations of the Enemy

    The enemy will accuse you with the intention of damaging your testimony and credibility. God gives us the weapons to overcome the enemy in the book of Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…” Accusations are one of the greatest attacks...

  • End Time Persecution of the Enemy

    All persecutions come to stop progress in your prosperity. When you reach that level of public prosperity and blessing, a spirit of religion and poverty will persecute you. Religion and poverty are the enemies of prosperity.

  • Strongholds of Bitterness

    1. Anything that has been in a person for a long time has developed roots. 2. Anything that has roots will become a stronghold. Strongholds require power to be demolished, they can not be destroyed by a simple prayer, they require prayer and fasting.

  • Limitless God

    Before Moses started the journey into the promised land, God gave him a revelation of His name: I AM. From the name “I AM” derives all 365 names of God. The name I AM means: the self-existent One, self-sufficient One, that depends on no one to do and to exist. God does not depend on anyone to do ...

  • The Power of The Resurrection

    Jesus’ resurrection was the demonstration of His power. The same power He has given to us. Yet, day after day we get accustomed to living without His power in our lives. We typically view miracles, signs and wonders as something that happened in the past but doesn’t occur today.

  • Prayer From A Position of Righteousness

    To pray from a position of righteousness means to be in right standing with God, to be blameless before Him because you have truly repented in your heart. A righteous person is not a perfect person but a person who is mature in Christ. One of the greatest keys to receiving answered prayers is to ...

  • Supernatural Encounter New Zealand 2018

    Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Witness the miracles that took place in New Zealand in the 2018 Supernatural Encounter.

  • Supernatural Encounter Taiwan 2018

    Do you know how to access the power of God? Many times we limit God and His power. God's power is above and beyond science, time, and space. God is a jealous God so before He channels His power to man, He asks for a relationship with Him. We must know God to know His power.

  • Supernatural Encounter Myanmar 2018

    In this powerful Supernatural Encounter God releases His supernatural faith to the people of Myanmar followed by miracles, signs, and wonders.

  • The Priest of The New Testament Part 1

    There’s never been a breakdown in society until there's been a breakdown in the royal priesthood. The second coming of Christ is connected to the restoration of the priesthood, why? Because the priesthood is called to stand up and pray on behalf of the people of God. A priest must be responsible....

  • The Priest of The New Testament Part 2

    God’s desire is to bless you as His royal priesthood. Blessings that are unheard of and unseen are attached to the restoration of the royal priesthood.

  • Knowing the Will of God: The Mystery of His Will

    It is necessary to know the will of God. When we don’t know the Will of God for our lives we cannot exercise the proper faith. You can’t have faith in what you do not know. When we pray according to His will, we will see results and answers quicker.

  • Foundations of The Prophetic: Prophets and Prophecies

    There are 7 different levels of prophecy. There are the 3 levels that the gift of prophecy flows in, and then there are 7 levels in which a mature prophet flows in, these are the foundations of the prophetic.

  • End Time Faith

    “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17. When we are constantly hearing the word of God we will be moved to have faith. The word of God stirs up faith inside of our spirit man. When the end time mega faith comes upon you it will be evident because all of you...

  • Revelation of The I Am

    There are more than 300 names of God. The name Yahweh is what we translate in English to Jehovah. Yahweh is more than enough. He doesn’t depend on anything or anyone to do what He said He was going to do.

  • How to Know the Will of God

    Mysteries are available to people who really want to do the will of God. If we act on the will of God we have the guarantee of success. Outside the will of God we have the guarantee of failure. Unless you want the will of God, it will not be revealed to you. What is the will of God? It is the min...