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The Times We Are Living In

Supernatural Ministry School Winter 2020 • 1h 40m

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  • The Ways of God Pertaining to Healing

    Healing can take place anywhere at any time. But there is little understanding and expectation in the church for healing. This is rooted in the lack of teaching of healing. When we have a deeper understanding of how God works through the Holy Spirit, it creates more faith. Are you growing in your...

  • Do Not Skip The Process

    In the spiritual dimension, nothing is in the process of being created and nothing will be created in the “future.” Everything is fully developed, mature, complete, ready, or formed. Additionally, everything in the spiritual realm is instantaneous, occurring in an eternal present. In contrast, in...

  • The Church Must Be Alert

    Just as blind eyes opening are supernatural, just as the crippled walking is supernatural, so is prophecy. But with prophecy, you must have revelation. Revelation is nothing more than a window into the immediate present and the coming future. Without revelation, you are not going to understand pr...