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Dreams Are Part of the Outpouring

Supernatural Ministry School Summer 2019 • 1h 2m

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  • Step Out of Stagnation and Arise

    Many believers feel a stagnation in their spiritual life. They feel stuck and unable to do anything. But God is calling His church to rise up and shine His light in the midst of all the darkness. You must fight against stagnation, take God’s holy word and fight. It’s time to get out of stagnation...

  • Dreams and Visions

    Your dreams are the voice of God in your sleep. But the question is “why do you have to sleep to hear the voice of God?”. The most common supernatural activity that man is given, whether he believes in God or not, is dreams. Not every dreamer is an interpreter and not every interpreter is a dream...

  • The Restoration of the Presence of God

    These are times of restoration where God is restoring so many truths, principles, things that were part of the original plan of God. The word RESTORE means to go back to the original state, to how it was in the beginning.One of those things is the presence of God. The original intent of God was f...