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Encountering the Father

Supernatural Encounter Taiwan 2018 • 2h 4m

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  • The Power of The Testimony

    What does it mean to testify? To testify is to declare publicly what God has done in your life. What happens when we testify? The word testimony comes from the root word: Do again. So when we testify, the first thing that happens is Jesus does the miracle again. If you testify that God has heale...

  • The Different Types of Tongues

    There are 3 kinds of tongues: 1. Tongues of man: these are the lowest level of tongues, 2. Tongues of angels: these stir up angelic activity, and everytime you pray in tongues, angels of God start moving on your behalf, and 3. Unknown tongues: these are the highest level of tongues. The devil and...

  • Strategies of the Enemy

    Daniel 7:25 “...And he shall wear out the saints of the most High” The devil is always on the attack. The purpose of the attack of the enemy is to weigh you down and discourage you. One of the tactics the enemy uses to attack and wear out the saints is: Distraction. Distractions will come and su...