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Miracles Require These Three Things

RMNT 2019: Who We Are • 1h 18m

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  • How to Have Breakthrough Prayer

    Why does this generation not value prayer? The spirit of this age – everyone wants to seek instant gratification. It doesn’t let you value eternal things. The hyper grace message – this message tells you, you don’t have to do anything because Jesus paid it all on the cross. It emphasizes that thi...

  • The Holy Calling and Purpose

    Everything that God created, He created it for a purpose. When God calls a person they have gifts for their purpose. “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” – Romans 11:29 God calls everyone to do His purpose, His will. But not everyone responds to that call. “So the last will be ...

  • Special Interview with Guest Ashton P...

    In this special guest interview Ashton Parsley, daughter of Rod Parsley, and Elder Dalton Francis discuss the topic of identity in the youth and technology.