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  • Session 6 - End Time Revival - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

  • RMNT CONFERENCE 2021 - Session 3 - End time revival - AGM

  • End Time Revival - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

    In the times that we are living in, revival will break out to the point where we will see an increase of the supernatural manifest like never before. Unfortunately, the Church refuses to see the need for revival and the supernatural in their lives, neither do they have the desire for it. In this ...

  • The Purpose of Revival

    The reason we need revival is because the condition of the church is dry and dead.

  • After the Call Series Part 1 - Getting Right With God - Estar Bien Con Dios

    Whats happens after you answer the call to revival? - ¿Qué sucede después de responder al llamado al avivamiento?

  • Time of Revival - Tiempo de Avivamiento

  • The Call to Revival - El Llamado Al Avivamiento

    I am passionate about revival. We are living in times of urgency. God has our attention. I think his hand is on us and I think we can be the hosts of the revival. - Yo soy una apasionada por el avivamiento. Estamos viviendo en tiempos de urgencia. Dios tiene nuestra atención. Creo que su mano est...

  • Revival Has Begun - ¡El Avivamiento Ya Comenzó!

    The outpouring occurs outside, but the revival occurs within. Many people always expect a touch from outside, but they have nothing inside. Revival begins in the heart. Revival is restoring what the church had and lost. One is the evangelistic perspective of revival, but another is the apostolic ...

  • You Are Revival - Ustedes Son El Avivamiento

    Things are in the right place to see a great move from God. In these times there has been opposition to the church and things that want to block the movement of the church. But we do not follow the opinions of the people, but the Word of God. The enemy wants to eliminate the possibility of the ch...

  • Fresh Revival

    God uses revival to bring things back to life and bring you into a life you were predestined for.

  • How to Enter in Revival - Cómo Entrar en el Avivamiento

    Revival was lost because there was a departure from the faith and if we do not find the reason why faith was lost then the same mistakes will continue to occur and history will repeat itself. - El avivamiento se perdió porque hubo una desviación de la fe y si no encontramos la razón por la que se...

  • The Purpose of Revival - El Propósito del Avivamiento

    A person who is revived does not need to be reminded to pray and worship God. - Una persona que es reavivada no necesita que se le recuerde orar y adorar a Dios.

  • The Purpose of Revival Part 2 - El Propósito del Avivamiento Parte 2

    Revival is not a moment, it is a movement of God. - El avivamiento no es un momento, es un movimiento de Dios.

  • What Revival Really Is

    We need revival when something is dead. The church has lost the life of God so revival comes to restore that life and all things that are dead.

  • End Time Revival

    Revival is to bring something back, something that was lost. When there is an outpouring of the spirit, that causes revival. Revival causes an awakening, an awakening testifies of what God is doing. Revival comes to empower evangelists and believers to preach the gospel. The purpose of revival wi...

  • Why We Need A Revival Now

    What is the purpose of revivals? 1. To restore the church. 2. Restore truth that was lost. 3. To further advance the Kingdom of God. Revival will always start with the church. When there are dark times revival breaks out because it begins when believers are obedient to God.