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1. Worship of the End Times

Personal Discipleship with Apostle • 2h 45m

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  • 2. The End Time Remnant: Part 1-Ident...

    There is a part of the church that is sleeping, this is the church that compromises the truth, not spiritual and lukewarm. But in the midst of this, God rises like a remnant, the church that is watching and awoken. They are who will see the coming of our Lord.

  • 3. The Process to Be Remnant

    Anything that comes to the Earth has to come by the way of process; otherwise is abnormal. For every unique call there is a process. Aborting your process, is aborting your purpose! The remnant must endure a process to ensure they carry out the will of God and mighty exploits!

  • 4. A Call to Unity

    One of the greatest problems in the church today is lack of unity. God will never bless division. All of the teachings of Jesus were based on being one with the Father. Being one with the Father means acting and talking like the Father. Jesus was one with the Father, and in that unity He was empo...