October Youth Preachings

October Youth Preachings

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October Youth Preachings
  • Fighting for your pursuit - Andres

    Sometimes we focus more on performing in a mechanical way and eventually this causes us to grow cold in going after the presence of God. In this preaching Minister Andres talks to us about returning to our first love by going after Him as we once did.

    A veces nos enfocamos más en actuar de mane...

  • Relationship with God - Stacy

    Pursuing a relationship with God is not as difficult as it seems, actually going after God is simpler than we think, the reason is that God Himself desires a personal relationship with His people. In this preaching Stacy talks about how simple it is to go after God and establish a personal relati...

  • Stuck in transition - Mike

    During the process of transitioning from one season to another, we tend to get frustrated. In this preaching Mike teaches us that it is in those moments of frustration that we must be willing to let go of the old to enter into the new that God has for us.

    Durante el proceso de transición de una ...