May 2019 Youth Preachings

May 2019 Youth Preachings

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May 2019 Youth Preachings
  • The Marks of a Woman of God

    These are the marks of a woman of God: 1. She is continually seeking a relationship with Christ 2. submissive to her authorities 3. has a patient spirit 4. respects and honors her husband 5. is committed to mature and develop her character 6. wise with her words and 7. is considered trustworthy. ...

  • How to Wage War With Your Prophetic Words

    The moment you receive a prophetic word from heaven you are going to have to fight for that promise! The devil will come and try to stop every prophetic word over your life, that is why you must wage war. Every promise over your life needs to be declared and decreed daily into your atmosphere.

  • From the Abundance of our Heart We Speak

    The mouth and heart are connected. The way that we speak and what we speak about has everything to do with the treasure that we hold in our hearts. The Bible says that the power of life and death is in our mouth. If you speak life its because your heart is filled with life, if you speak death, th...