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The Motivation of Love

March 2019 Preachings • 1h 6m

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  • Purpose of the Authority

    These are the days where you can not live without discernment! There is a war in the spirit realm and behind every war there is a demon attacking your mind, body, and families. Your mind is a territory and it is not a trash can for the devil to come and dump his thoughts in! You must stand as a s...

  • The Basics of Exercising Authority

    The times we're living in are very difficult times that require a new level of prayer and authority. What are the basics of exercising authority? Your position in Christ. Your position in Christ is who you are in God, and who God is in you. Your position is as a son/daughter, as a believer, pries...

  • Who are we Fighting Against?

    Who are you fighting against and what is the purpose of this spiritual fight? The purpose of this war is to enforce the victory of the cross. The purpose of the victory is to occupy every territory God has given you as His son and daughter. And the purpose of occupying is to expand His kingdom wh...