June Youth Preachings

June Youth Preachings

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June Youth Preachings
  • The enemy wants to make your heart grow cold - Andres

    When our hearts grow cold it does not always mean that we leave the church and return to the ways of the world, but many times what happens is that we lose our passion for God, and love. In this preaching Andres tells us about the dangers of growing cold and how we should pursue God with all our ...

  • Rmnt youth Father's Day service - Pastor Josue

    Many times our honor towards God is tainted to the point of losing its value. In this preaching Pastor Josue teaches that the moment in which our sacrifice loses value is when we become familiar with it.

    Muchas veces nuestra honra hacia Dios se contamina hasta llegar al punto de perder su valor....

  • Stop overlooking God in your life - Pastor Josue

    When we overlook God in our lives is when we can be easily influenced by the world and stop being like Christ. In this preaching pastor Josue talks about the importance of not tolerating the things of the world in our christian walk.

    Cuando pasamos por alto a Dios en nuestra vida es cuando pode...

  • Letting go to confront - Pastor Josue

    Many times we tend to keep a record of the hurt we have endured from others, which makes us bitter, not allowing us to move forward in our lives. In this preaching pastor Josue talks about the dangers of keeping and going through life with offenses.

    Muchas veces tendemos a guardar récord del da...