July Youth Preachings

July Youth Preachings

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July Youth Preachings
  • It's all or nothing with God - Isabella

    Being a Christian is much more than attending a service, being a Christian is truly projecting Jesus into our daily lives. Many times that is seen as being completely surrendered to God and allowing Him to use us for the cause of the gospel. In this preaching Isabella talks about living for Chris...

  • "A giant killer in the making" - Minister Dalton

    In order to break the cycles and curses in our lives we must be willing to face those giants that are tied to them. Many times we are afraid to go after what God has promised us because of how impossible it may seem to obtain them, but in this preaching minister Dalton speaks to us about the impo...

  • Writing history with God - Ligia

    When we decide to say yes and truly surrender to God, that is when He begins to use us and write our story. In this preaching, minister Ligia talks about the importance of surrendering to God wholeheartedly, but also to understand that everyone's story will not be the same.

  • Evangelism as a lifestyle - Raul

    Many times when a believer lives a lifestyle of evangelism it is reflected in their actions and character. Evangelism is not only proclaiming the gospel and winning souls but also the reflection of our love for God. In this preaching Raul tells us about the purpose of evangelism and how we should...