July 2022 Preachings

July 2022 Preachings

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July 2022 Preachings
  • Living by faith/Viviendo por la fe - Prophet Diana

    Walking with God requires that we operate and live by faith. Many times we will face impossibilities that require a measure of faith that goes against everything we have been taught. In this preaching the prophet Diana teaches that faith is part of our foundation as believers but it is also the r...

  • End time movement of God - Prophet Glenda

    God is bringing a wave of healing in this season regarding young children for these times we are living in. Prophet Glenda talks about how God will bring healing to young children especially those with autism in a way that this world has never seen.

  • The assurance of your faith/La seguridad de tu fe - Pastor Josue

    As believers we must understand that faith is the key that will allow us to change things in our lives drastically. Many times we overlook that faith is the assurance of obtaining God's promises in our lives. In this preaching pastor Josue goes deeper about what it is to truly walk in faith.


  • Faith to withstand all things - Minister Ronald

    There is not much we can do in our own strength and understanding, so when all else fails only our faith in God is what will guarantee a victory. In this preaching minister Ronald teaches that to overcome these difficult times we must walk in faith and not in our own understanding.

  • How to have faith to overcome crisis #2 - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

    When we go through a crisis we can choose either to let the crisis dominate us or we can choose to walk in faith to not only overcome the crisis but also to draw closer to God. In this preaching apostle Guillermo Maldonado teaches us that those who trust and believe in God are the ones who can ov...

  • How to have faith to overcome crisis - Bilingual - Apostle Guillermo

    Many times God allows us to go through crises so that our faith can be tested. Once our faith is tested, God can then determine if we are trustworthy. In this preaching, apostle Guillermo Maldonado explains in depth why we go through crises and the importance of faith.

    Muchas veces Dios permite ...

  • How to keep the faith during difficult times - Prophet Glenda

    In the times we are living in, the devil seeks not only to shake the faith of believers but also to deviate them from God. In this preaching prophet Glenda teaches us that we must remain firm in our faith and in the truth of God.

  • Are you ready to collect the harvest/Estás listo para recoger la cosecha

    We are all called to win souls, but not everyone is called to the office of evangelist. Many times we tend to recruit believers from other churches instead of winning real souls who do not know Jesus. In this preaching pastor Josue teaches us that we must get out of our comfort zone and expand th...

  • La cosecha está lista para ti - Pastor Alejandro

    Debemos ser conscientes de los tiempos que vivimos hoy en día y entender que el mundo está en extrema necesidad de respuestas y soluciones, pero lamentablemente están buscando en todos los lugares equivocados. En esta prédica el Pastor Alejandro enseña que nosotros tenemos la respuesta y la soluc...