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  • Delivering of Your Emotions - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

    Most of the time, God will bring us inner healing to heal any emotional trauma or difficulties we may have experienced throughout our lives. Many times the wound is deeper than we think and that is when we need God to bring true deliverance in that area. Unfortunately, many believers have become ...

  • Breakthrough in Healing / Rompimiento en Sanidad

  • Healing in the Presence of God - Sanidad en la Presencia de Dios

  • The Ways of God Pertaining to Healing

    Healing can take place anywhere at any time. But there is little understanding and expectation in the church for healing. This is rooted in the lack of teaching of healing. When we have a deeper understanding of how God works through the Holy Spirit, it creates more faith. Are you growing in your...

  • Change Starts in The Heart

    Transformation represents movement, change. It is the process of maturity that leads us to be like Christ. That is our call, to be more like Him. The heart is who we are. It is our identity. The healing of the heart will connect us to the heart of the Father. When your heart doesn’t change you b...

  • The Presence of God

    We have to make a decision are we a bride or a prostitute? The prostitute doesn’t have to know their client because she’s not sleeping with him because she loves him, she sleeps with him for the money. In the church right now, that is why people do a 10 min praise and worship because there’s no l...

  • The Delicate Area of Deliverance in Children

    One of the most delicate areas is the area of deliverance in children. What is deliverance? Deliverance is to be free from demonic spirits. Demonic spirits are bad spirits that are often invisible and bodyless. They lie, influence, bound, torment, and make you sick. But the word of God says in Ac...

  • Healing the Broken Heart

    Before anything else, the enemy is always after the heart. Since the beginning of time there has always been a silent war on the hearts of people. Yes, the enemy does attack the family, finances, etc. But his main priority is the heart. Whoever has control of your heart has control of your life.