February 2019 Preachings

February 2019 Preachings

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February 2019 Preachings
  • Walking in the Unknown

    The plan of the devil is to contain us. So, often times we feel fear when the unknown is presented to us. Why do we fear the unknown? Because it is unfamiliar. Gods desire is for His children to step out in faith into the unknown. Even when opposition rises, that is just a sign that you are movin...

  • The Love of God Revealed

    The love of God can not be understood. Even when we least deserve it, His love is there for us. The plan of God is to save humanity through love. When satan sees love, he sees power.

  • The Love of God

    Love is the personality of God. Without noticing our hearts can become hardened by offense which takes our focus off of Gods love. Three other loves compete for the place of Gods love: 1. Love of self, 2. Love of money, 3. Love of pleasures. Today, God is calling us back to focus on His perfect l...

  • What the True Love of God is: Part 1

    In order to understand the love of God, we must understand what the love of God is not. In this preaching, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado goes in depth as to what the love of God is and is not.

  • What the True Love of God is: Part 2

    Past experiences have shaped our idea of love. There are 3 types of carnal love: 1. Natural Affection: This is the love between families. Even this love is perverted, in the times we're living in people will fight for the lives of animals yet abort their own baby in the womb. 2. Conditional love:...

  • What is Love?

    God's love is supernatural, unreasonable, above and beyond, eternal, limitless, and unconditional. Gods priority is love. The three characteristics of love are: 1. Always giving, 2. Disciplines, 3.Speaks the truth in love.

  • The Characteristics of the Love of God

    We are called to speak the truth in love, truth without love is incomplete and could lead to rebellion. One of the ways God demonstrates His love to us is through speaking the truth in love. When we speak the truth in love, something amazing happens: freedom is brought into that area. God wants u...