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  • Depression and fear - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

  • The Mantle - Apostle Jonathan Ferguson

    When we go under the spiritual covering of a Man of God, we have the opportunity to have access to his mantle. This means that we can operate in the same favor, grace and blessings that this same person carries. In this preaching Apostle Jonathan Ferguson teaches us that many stop receiving the b...

  • Creativity of the Seven Spirits of God - Prophet James Goll

    As the second coming of Jesus approaches we will see the increase of the supernatural power of God, but also the increase of the demonic realm. These are the times when believers will gain deeper access to the 7 spirits of God which are: spirit of wisdom, and understanding, spirit of counsel and ...

  • Fearless - Pastor Chris Estrada

     As followers of Christ, we are called to be fearless in what we believe. Not bowing down to the things that oppose God is part of what it means to walk without fear. To be fearless is also to stand firm in the midst of trials and tribulations. In this preaching, Pastor Chris Estrada talks to us ...

  • The Effects of Fear - Los Efectos del Temor

    Fear is a demonic panic that is destructive. - El miedo es un pánico demoníaco que es destructivo.

  • How to Overcome Fear

    Every response that we have in life is motivated either by love or fear…which one will you respond to?

  • End Time Faith

    “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17. When we are constantly hearing the word of God we will be moved to have faith. The word of God stirs up faith inside of our spirit man. When the end time mega faith comes upon you it will be evident because all of you...

  • Evangelism Requires Faith

    Evangelism is a risk that requires faith. Even if you feel fearful, that is not who you are that is a feeling that Satan placed inside of you, but you are not fearful. If you kneel to the fear the fear becomes your Lord.

  • Walking in the Unknown

    The plan of the devil is to contain us. So, often times we feel fear when the unknown is presented to us. Why do we fear the unknown? Because it is unfamiliar. Gods desire is for His children to step out in faith into the unknown. Even when opposition rises, that is just a sign that you are movin...