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  • Winning the War in Your Mind/Gana la Guerra en tu Mente - Teacher John

    One of the ways the enemy attacks is through the mind. The devil's desire is to oppress God's people through depression or any other means. He knows that if he can cause you to become mentally distracted, this will cause you to stay away from the promises of God, not reaching them, and thus keepi...

  • The Battle of the Mind / Depression - Elder Andres

    One of the tactics the devil uses to destroy your life is to remove God from your thought process in order to introduce depression. Once depression sets in, we become independent of God, which leads us to drift away from our purpose. In this sermon, Elder Andres teaches us about one of the roots ...

  • Depression and fear - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

  • The Keys of Deliverance in Your Mind - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

    Depression is one of the greatest enemies in a person's life. The devil uses depression to cause mental death in a person, leading them to become cold not only with people, but with God. The Bible tells us about the importance of "renewing our minds daily" and seeking deliverance. In this preachi...

  • The Depression

    The spirit of depression feeds off of fear. Maybe depression has tried to take a hold of you, but Jesus came to free you, you don't have to deal with depression anymore.

  • War Against Depression

  • 2. Disappointments Cause Depression

  • 4. The Secrets of The Heart

    The enemy will use the people you are closest to, to hurt you the most. The devil wants people to keep silent about their internal struggles. Those who suffer with heartbreak, pain, abuse, betrayal, depression they try to bury it. We are experts at hiding our pain and hiding what is really in our...