December 2022 Preachings

December 2022 Preachings

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December 2022 Preachings
  • How to overcome depression - Teacher Jackie

    Many times, when we are in the midst of depression, is when we must turn to God for help. When we turn to God in faith we can experience breakthroughs. In this preaching teacher Jackie talks to us about the source of depression and how to overcome it.

    Muchas veces, al estar en medio de la depr...

  • Your highest calling - Bill Hammon

  • Jesus the healer - Prophet Beleke

    Many times we find ourselves in tough situations or even experience difficulties in our health. The reason is that we take our eyes off of Jesus. In this preaching prophet Beleke teaches that when we take our eyes off Jesus, we no longer see Him as our healer and provider.

    Muchas veces nos encon...