December 2020 youth Preachings

December 2020 youth Preachings

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December 2020 youth Preachings
  • Restoration of Hope - Elder Mabel

    God knows the end of our story, but the devil will always try to find a way to keep us from reaching that end. One of the tactics he uses is to make us lose hope. The enemy knows that if we lose hope we tend to become discouraged. In this preaching, Elder Mabel talks about how God uses our proces...

  • The Battle of the Mind / Depression - Elder Andres

    One of the tactics the devil uses to destroy your life is to remove God from your thought process in order to introduce depression. Once depression sets in, we become independent of God, which leads us to drift away from our purpose. In this sermon, Elder Andres teaches us about one of the roots ...

  • Fearless - Pastor Chris Estrada

     As followers of Christ, we are called to be fearless in what we believe. Not bowing down to the things that oppose God is part of what it means to walk without fear. To be fearless is also to stand firm in the midst of trials and tribulations. In this preaching, Pastor Chris Estrada talks to us ...