Deboras 2018

Deboras 2018

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Deboras 2018
  • A Call to Holiness

    How can we remain clean? The word of God keeps you clean. It sanctifies you in truth. There’s something God wants to do in each of us. He wants our hearts to be healed so we can revive the passion for Christ. Love implies many things, but the word of God says that perfect love casts out fear. Tod...

  • Intercession From the Secret Place

    We have intercessors in the church but they are not interceding. They know what they are to do but they are not doing it. God is looking for those who know how to stand in the gap. Those who will rise to the occasion. There are spirits that we are facing in this 21st century that the early church...

  • Hearing and Discerning the Time of the Prophetic Word

    You must be confident and speak the Word of the Lord. The prophet has supernatural words that can bring vision to God’s people. His words changes the hearts, opens the way, and changes destiny. He is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkest; that is who He is!

  • Freedom from Shame

    The heart of God is for us to prosper in all things. Just as we want the best for our children, God wants the best for us, His children. What is shame? Shame is a painful feeling on the inside that arises from something dishonorable, improper, or ridiculous being done to you or by you. Despite ou...

  • Healing in the Presence of God - Sanidad en la Presencia de Dios

  • The Secret Place of Prayer - El Lugar Secreto de la Oracion