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The Love of God with Prophet Shawn Bolz - El amor de Dios con Profeta Shawn Bolz

CAP 2018 Explosion of Power and Glory • 1h 34m

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  • How to Pray with the Word

    There is power that is generated by the word of God. When God created the earth, He spoke, He declared, and He called and what He said came to pass. One of God’s commands for His people is to return to His word. His Word is what justifies the prayers and petitions that we bring unto Him.

  • A Prophetic Infusion in the Love of God

    God came to take away everything that separated us from His love. Our battle is not here against the people of this world, but it is against principalities and powers. We must have the agenda of Heaven to solve those issues that are natural. You will never have authority over what you do not love...

  • Breakthrough Prayer

    What is breakthrough prayer? it means to go through, to break through, or push until something happens. God is looking for people who will pray until something happens. The enemy does not want us to advance, but that is why we need to pray with courage. It requires relentless diligence, persisten...