August 2022 Preachings

August 2022 Preachings

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August 2022 Preachings
  • The substance of our faith/La sustancia de nuestra fe - Apostle Tommy

  • 5 dimensions of faith/5 dimensiones de la Fe (part 2) - Apostle Guillermo

    Salvation is obtained through faith in Christ and not through man or education. Not only that, but through faith we can go further and have a personal and intimate relationship with God. In this preaching apostle Guillermo Maldonado teaches us that faith goes beyond what we have been taught and t...

  • 5 dimensions of faith - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

    Before anyone can enter into the dimensions of faith, they cannot operate in unbelief. Many times to operate in faith we cannot reason but must simply trust blindly in God. In this preaching Apostle Guillermo Maldonado breaks down the 5 dimensions of faith and why some people have trouble walking...

  • 5 dimensiones de la Fe - Teacher John

    Parte de las dimensiones de la fe es confiar en el evangelio de Jesucristo y en todo lo que Él dice que es y hará. En esta prédica, el maestro John enseña que la fe es algo que nos fue dado por Dios y que depende de nosotros usarla para obtener lo que Él ha prometido.

  • Faith triumphs over fear - Pastor Tom Crandle

    Fear will always tell us that it is impossible but faith will give us victory over every impossibility known to man. In this preaching Pastor Tom Crandall teaches the fact that it doesn't matter if we have never experienced the supernatural or if we are going through something; we can overcome an...

  • The enemies of faith/Los enemigos de la fe - Pastor Hiubert

    Most of the time believers are more aware of the devil and his attacks instead of putting their faith in God who can deliver them out of any situation. In this preaching pastor Hiubert talks about understanding that the devil is not as powerful as he makes us believe, but in reality he has no pow...

  • How to apply your faith - Pastor Gerald

    In order to truly apply faith into our walk as Christians, we must believe, no matter how impossible things look or how we feel. In this preaching, Pastor Gerald preaches that no believer has an excuse for not walking in faith, for God has put a measure of faith in all of us to obtain what the wo...