April 2021 Preachings

April 2021 Preachings

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April 2021 Preachings
  • End-Time Economy - Apostle Tommy Acosta

    Many Christians struggle in their finances because money is the ruler of their lives instead of centering their faith in God for financial means to be met. Most of the time Christians will find it difficult to depend on God because they are operating from a poverty mindset that keeps them in a cy...

  • Open The Heavens - Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

    Before God manifests anything in our lives, from the spiritual to the natural realm, He will create an open heaven that will give us the necessary access to receive what belongs to us. There are many different portals from which God chooses to create open heavens, but only from a position of sons...

  • The Glory of New Life and the Resurrection of Jesus- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

    To operate in the supernatural power of God, we must have the revelation of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus. Spiritually, many of us remain in the crucifixion of Jesus but never make the transition to His resurrection and for that reason we cannot operate in His power. In this preaching, ...